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Apps Like Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular app which has been used by millions of peoples for photo sharing, editing as well as photo capturing. Despite Instagram there are many apps like instagram which are also used for photo sharing and many more. Some of the Apps Like Instagram used for sharing photos are WeHeartIt, Swipe, Cirqle, snapchat, Filckr and many more.

apps like instagram

Apps Like Instagram

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WeHeartIt has been one of the social networking and image based apps for inspiring images which was introduced 7 years ago. The app was created by Fabio Giolito and over 30 millions users has been using this apps. Different languages are available for accessing the apps and also the apps is available for android users as well as iOS users. The web address of We Heart It is http://weheartit.com/.


On the market of photo sharing app Swype has been an up and comer app which is useful for sharing the photos in totally new way. Friends can be added on your Swype Contact by using their username or phone numbers. If the user enjoy or like the photos on Swype then they Swype to right side while they Swype to left side if they don’t like which is totally based on the user interface of the Tinder. If you want to comment on the photos then you can Swype up. The unique twist of the Swype is “it doesn’t tell the user’s identity of whom you are viewing the pictures”.


Cirqle has been newest photo sharing contender just like an Instagram. You need to create “cirqle” on the app which allows to share photos as well as videos among your friends, Relatives and around world. Others member are also allowed to work together on your circles and also the content could be added by others member on your circles. Multiple team works come together is an unique experiencing of cirqle.


Snapchat being an apps like instagram, Snapchat allows to messages the photos. Since 2011 september, the apps was initially launched and the apps has been developed by Evan Spiegel, bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown. The apps is available for iOS as well as Android users and with multiple languages. However Snapchat has been one of the photo sharing as well as social networking service user of Snapchat has been sharing more than 700 millions of photos and videos every day while 500 millions of snapchat stories viewed per day.