Kim Kardashian instagram

Kim Kardashian Instagram

Kim Kardashian is an American model, actress and TV reality personality. She was born in Los Angeles in October 21, 1980. Kim Kardashian is also a successful business woman. She has established the television production company named as Kimsaprincess Production LLC. The company produces the various DVDs of workouts. She is also the owner of the DASH Clothing Boutiques which is also co-owned by her sisters as a partners. Like many other celebrities, she also has her account in the popular social networking site Instagram. With Kim Kardashian Instagram, you can be in touch with her latest updates and news.Kim Kardashian instagram

Kim got noticed by the media for the first time for her close relation with Paris Hilton. However, she got recognized widely for her sex tape leaked in 2007. After the incident many people knew about her and it also helped her to get more followers on various social networking sites. Currently she has got many followers in Instagram. The number of follower has already reached above 81 million and the number is increasing day by day. Kim also follows various other accounts, and she has been followings 105 other Instagram users currently.Kim Kardashian instagram

Kim had filed a lawsuit against Vivid Entertainment for her leaked sex tape. But later she took back the charge and settled down with Vivid for US $ 5 million. This helped her a lot and later she was casted in TV reality show named Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She was named to be the most paid reality television personality. She then got busy in various fields like modeling, acting and engaging in her own business. However, she regularly takes out time from her busy life to connect with her fans through Kim Kardashian Instagram account. She posts her photos regularly. Till September 2016, she has 3,636 posts. Seems like her every fans loves her every posts. Her every post gets millions of likes and thousands of comments.

She is popular for her hot and bold image and she continued that in her Instagram too. Most of the photos posted by her reflects her hot image including some nude ones. She had also posted some black and white photos few time back which became very viral. It was rumored that her phone was hacked however it was clear that the posts were made by herself. The photos posted were very bold. It looks like she had captured the photos with her husband, Kanye West.Kim Kardashian instagram

With big number of followers, Kim Kardashian is also popular as the queen of Instagram. If you are also the fan of this beautiful celebrity, you can follow her. You can easily search her account. Just login to your account and type “Kim Kardashian” on the search bar. She has kept her profile name as “KimKardashian” and once you find her profile click on “Follow” to see her every posts. She makes regularly post on her profile and do not be surprised if she posts her boldest and hottest photos.

Kim Kardashian Instagram

Kim Kardashian instagram Kim Kardashian instagram Kim Kardashian instagram Kim Kardashian instagram Kim Kardashian instagram

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