Instagram Features

Instagram is an mobile application from which you can share a photos and videos and you can also take photo and videos by this application and can also make a effects on a photo. Instagram is developed with size of 9.93 MB. This application is mostly developed for mobile devices but you can also use Instagram from PC too. You can get different Instagram Features additional to basic features such as do likes and comments in posts and you can upload a photos and videos but from PC you can only like and comment but you can’t upload a photo and videos. The initial release of Instagram was October 6 2010 with the 25 different languages.instagram features

Fasinating Instagram Features

  • Take Photos and Videos and Share

Take Photos and Videos and Share

You can take photos and videos from Instagram App. You can also make effect in photos which you have take. The photos and videos can be share in news feed.

  • Send Photos

instagram Send Photos

You can also send a photo to your instagram friends by attaching a photo in message, and send a message to your friends.

  • Filter Photos

Instagram Filter Photos


You can make effects in a photos while you upload a photo in instagram and you can also save photos by doing effects without sharing in instagram.

  • Ignore Message

Ignore Message

You can also remove posts of a person whom you didn’t want to see in your news feed of instagram. Choose a option ignore all posts from this user.

  • Remove and Hide A Tag Posts

Remove and Hide A Tag Posts

You can also remove a tagged posts, which you don’t want. Remove option from application and you can also hide posts from your profile if you don’t want to show in your profile.

  • Remove GPS In Posts

Remove GPS In Posts

When you share posts in instagram there will automatically show a location of yours, if you had turn your GPS option in your mobile. To remove a location of your, turn off a GPS option from your mobile.

  • Saves Photos in Photo Album

Instagram Saves Photos in Photo Album

When ypou upload photos in instagram, uploaded photos automatically save in your mobile photo gallery.

  • Turn On and Off Video

instagram Turn On and Off Video

When you scroll a news feed video will automatically play and you can also turn off from the setting of a Instagram Application.

Due to the great features of Instagram application, users are increasing rapidly. You can also complete the Instagram Login from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumbler.

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